In the past companies pretty much had two choices:-

1.  Transformation from a company that talks about efficiency (which is interesting) but are not willing to commit to true incremental revenue gains, and true competitive advantage.  It works like this.  You save $1Billion, you give the consultancy $100 Million and you keep $100 Million as profit.  Now making $100 million in profit is cool.  But what if your transformation partner can give you those efficiencies but 30% increase in incremental revenue?  Plus more market share?

2. Or marketing agencies who cling to the digital marketing ways of the past.  Nobody looks at Adverts, nobody reads emails, nobody takes cold calls.  A new logo or new website, won't make the phone ring more.  Push and broadcast marketing in 2018, shows the agency has run out of ideas.

But the real issue is these companies that sell digital transformation, just look at their social profiles, the company and the people.  How can you sell, then implement digital transformation if you have not transformed yourself?  Any company that provides digital transformation must have themselves as their best test case.

Ask then about their ad policy, they shouldn't use them.

Ask them about their email shots, they shouldn't send them.

Ask them about their content marketing, how do they write and post blogs?

How much inbound do they get?

What is their share of voice Vs competition?

What is their average SSI score?

Ask them about the people on the project, look them up on social, is this the team you want to drive your company forward?

Has the team got a track record of working on large scale transformation implementations before?