I've always believed in the saying "KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid", me being stupid and not you, of course.

People can go over the top with meaningless diagrams (does anybody actually understand the Instead diagram in this article?), jargon (some great examples in this article) and meaningless words, so often loved by bureaucrats.  I recall at my previous company having to present a BS strategy and figures because that was the political line.

There is a saying "never bullshit a bullshitter".  My Sales VP knew it was BS.

If you take this article as good advice, then I can assure you that every, or at least most' strategies will be the same.  You having the same strategy as your competitor means they cancel each other out, don't they?

Smart companies are recognising the power of social media and writing this into their strategies.  If you think about it, social is a unify (current tactic) that covers Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Public Relations, Finance, Procurement, Research and Development (R&D).  People use Social, because it's natural, friction free and because they have chosen to use it, you are already halfway there to it's acceptance across the business.

Tomorrow, Adam Gray (my co-founder) and I are running a Social Strategy session for the Board (called the C-Suite in the US) where we are elevating social to strategic level within their business.  This is NOT teaching the CEO how to use Twitter, this is a workshop where they can understand the power of social in their day-to-day business activity.  We also take them through how they can gain incremental (additional revenue), gain efficiencies and also gain competitive advantage.  No technical stuff, straight business discussion.

Want to impress your CEO, then you have to offer something different and not the same old same old.  You also need to offer something relevant.  You might think about social as your strategy?