Have you ever sky dived?

I haven't, standing at the door of an aircraft and jumping, does not sound like fun to me.  Why?

It's disingenuous.

"Normal" is sitting in an aircraft.

It's very similar to the way the world, worked. Note, how I'm talking in the past tense. It used to work like that, but things have changed.

In the past, we had an existence where we interrupted people, with advertising, email and cold calling and broadcast details about our products and services.

It doesn't work like that anymore.  Why?  People, hate being pitched at and sold to.

(Also, if I tell you the iPhone is the best mobile on the market, you will look it up. The same, if I advertise to you, cold call you or email you, you will look up competitors and do a comparison. You will compare the product and price.  If you are not visible on social, then the only conclusion I can jump to, is you don't exist.)

Social allows you to build relationships and I know this all sounds like me saying it's OK to jump out of an aircraft.

This Is All Really Interesting Tim, But I Don't have Time for This!

Eric Doyle, who is one of our world-wide resellers, posted this on LinkedIn 

Vanity Metrics

As you can see he's has 165 "likes" and "37 comments" and 18,292 "views".

If we assume the average person has 930 contacts on LinkedIn, then when somebody likes or comments are seen by your network.  This means that Eric, could have had this post seen by ((165 + 37)  x 930) = 187,860 people.

Think of that as having a email list of 187,860 people.

While those are "vanity metrics, it's pretty impressive for something that took ten minutes and was free.

But that's "marketing" for you, what about hard and fast leads?

So far he's had 

124 leads

28 new outbound connections

13 new inbound connections

6 Zoom calls (1 CEO, 1 COO, 2 MDs, and 2 BDDs)

2 presentations so pitches

1 proposal

This took him 10 minutes to create and it was "free", of course it cost him his time.

The $64 Million Question Is This?

Can you create this sort of return on investment (ROI) from your paid media? your advertising? your cold calling? your email marketing? 

Can you get this response from cold calling?

Just think if you scaled this across all your sales people? all your technical people? all your employees? 

Just think about the additional leads, meetings, revenue, profit, new employees, new suppliers, you would get at zero cost?

Why are you still reading this?

Back to Sky Diving

Jumping out of planes isn't simple.  You need a parachute, you need to know when to pull the rip cord.  You need to know how to get your self out of difficult situations.  You need to know, how to land.

Which is why, here at DLA Ignite, we have a tried and test methodology.  Not something you can get from a book or a one hour masterclass.  This is a "proper" process, you "do this", you "do this" you "get this".  Every time we run it, we always get an increase in revenue of 30% and a reduction in sales cycles of 40%.

Sounds impressive? 

Want to turn this into a reality for your business contact me here,  or better still, contact Eric, I could just be fibbing.