Stephen Luby was a public health worker from Omaha Nebraska and he got himself a job in the slums of Karachi. He wanted to make a transformational change for the people’s lives there.

There was no budget, corruption, high levels of illiteracy. So what could he do to make a difference? Soap.

He convinced Procter and Gamble to provide soap free to people in the slums. But it wasn’t the soap that made the transformational change it was the advice given out with it.

Wash your hands when you go to the toilet, wash your hands before you prepare food, wash your hands before you eat, wash your hands before you feed children. 

Diarrhoea amongst children dropped by 52%, incidents of pneumonia in children fell by 48% and incidents of skin infections fell by 35%. Amazing results. 

This was all without doing anything about the (dirty) water, sanitation and illiteracy. 

Giving people the soap wasn’t the issue it was telling people what to do with it that made the difference and transformation.

Similar to the world of Sales Tech and Marketing Technology (Martech).  Buying these applications does not give you change. A company with analogue processes, still has analogue processes regardless how many apps you have.

You also have to have the digital process to back this up.  A digital methodology.

In these difficult times, there is the very real need to reduce discretionary spending as much as possible. Every dollar we save in discretionary spending can be diverted to saving jobs.

I’ve discovered a solution–a huge source of discretionary spending, that is virtually wasted. If we stop spending in this area, millions can be saved and much of that can be diverted to retaining jobs.

So switch off all this sales tech and Martech that is not getting you any results and invest in real digital process that will make you fitter and stronger when the world comes out of this Covid19 world. It will and you and your team will be ready. 

We are in strange times, it feels that things are going to get worse, before they get better.  I wish all of you good health, stay safe, as we work through this together.

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