I had a connection request from a person in Malta yesterday.  I don't know them.  The connection request, gave a long list of their products and services.

Right, let's get this clear now.  This is NOT social selling, this is social spamming.  It's no more than a "cold call" on a social network.  It's just interruption and broadcast.  Stop it!

Now people do this, because, most people are polite and reply.  So these spammers think it's OK!  You need to stop replying, it just encourages more social spamming.  I report all these people to Linkedin and block them and you need to do it too.  Why?  Because it is killing the golden goose.

The more people that social spam, the more this will drive people away from the platform.

So what should you do?

social media is ....... social ....

What would you do if you didn't know me and we both attended a networking drinks?

You would walk up to me and ask me questions.  Had I travelled far?  What do I do?  You do this because humans are social and because we look to as humans to try and find common group.  We grew up in the same place, we support the same football team, we like rival football teams, your mum grew up in my hometown.

In fact we proved, that if you can find two areas of commonality, a stranger will most probably accept your Linkedin connection request. 

Once somebody as accepted, then start a conversation, engage.  What do I mean?  Like my articles.  Explain what about the article you liked.  DO NOT try and sell to me.

If we went on a date, would you propose marriage at the first date?  No, you would buy me a drink and talk to me ... better still listen to me!

Still have no idea, why not contact us (on social) and maybe we can help you.