Interesting article, but it does not really go all the way!  It's 2020 after all!

We know as buyers that "interruptions" just piss us off ... advertising, cold calling and unprompted emails all wrapped up in some company pitch, just does not cut it. with us as buyers.  Problem is that we go back to our desks and commission more!

For some, odd reason we think that if those interruptions from from us, people will love them.  We don't.

When people interrupt us and broadcast a message to us, we actually think how sad it is.  But when it comes to our product, it seems to be different.  It's still sad.

Of course, our product is different, it pays your mortgage.  Whereas, all the other products don't.  Really?

What we have to come to realise in this new decade is that, and I'm being totally honest here.  Nobody is interested in your product or service and you ARE pissing people off constantly interrupting people about it.

All buyers and  prospects are all just like you.  Too busy to hear your pitch and actually think you sad that you still think last centuries sales and marketing methods are still relevant in the 2020s.  Those methods are not relevant, we all agree it just pisses us off.

So what do you need to do this century? 

1. Get a buyer centric profile on social.  Social is where your prospects and clients are after all.  This is a profile that shows that you are an expert, somebody who can help them.

2. You need a network, your territory needs to be lifted from analogue into digital.  You need to build relationships with your customers and prospects.

3. You need to demonstrate you are that expert by sharing content.  Better still if you can create it.

This is the basics that you need to start growing and building and prospecting.

Just remember, this is about your company, your product or your brand.  Nobody cares.  People buy people.  People want to see you expertise, your passion, your authenticity.

As the article says "people no longer want to connect to a business that promote". ..... "instead they want to connect with owners, teams, people, customers".

Interruption marketing and the people that promote it won't get you to 2030 ..... time to make the change now!