There is a lot of discussion over employee experience (EX), after all, happy employees, should create happy customers.

If customers get a great experience from employees then they will buy more and return to buy more. Yes?

Many companies have gone down the track of offering table tennis tables, jelly beans, bean bags, table football, etc, etc.  While often this is seen as "new", I worked for a company that had these things back in the 1990s, during the .com boom.

Employees wanted to be supported in their work, are they doing the right things.  Can they work together?  Can they help each other?  Surely new starters, can help other new starters for example?

Most people, want to do the right thing and make a difference.

But.  All people bring to work, the same attitude that exists out in society.

There are no hierarchies, you can complain right to the top, if you want to.  

We are used to using "IT systems" like facebook, Linkedin, that are "frictionless" and "easy to use" so why cannot corporate systems be like that?

Most of support diversity and inclusion and want to support people.  For example, helping returners. 

One of the things we need in my previous company was introduce social.  Now, I know many os you use "social" and it kind of sits there.  What we did in my previous company was try and find ingenious ways to use social, to support the employee experience.

Did it work?

I measured that it created a 25% employee efficiency.  Or put that another way, that's 25% more employees for free!