As we head into Q4 for some people, or we are in Q2 at my old company.  Either way, we need pipeline.

We need leads and meetings.

It's a fundamental part of life, like death and paying taxes.

But how do you get them?  Throw more advertising at the problem? Throw more at cold calling?  Bombard people with more emails?  Run more events?  I think we have to be honest, that these things, while they "work" we all know the results get less and less.

We have to spend more and more to get the same result.

Maybe it's time to stop, catch our breath and do something different.

Let's move budget onto social.  I know there seems to be a lot of "smoke and mirrors" when it comes to social, but and it's a big BUT .... why is it that we can say with all confidence that we can increase your incremental revenue by 30% and shorten your sales cycle by 40%.

How?  We have built a repeatable (every time we run it we get the same answer) and predictable (we always get the same results).  Of course we would say that we are a supplier.

How about talking to our clients?  Happy for you to do so.

Digital transformation isn't new, Blockbuster vs Netflix; Taxis vs Uber, Book Sellers Vs Amazon ... digital enables us to do more for less.

Maybe it's time to stop old school sales and marketing and move to the modern world with a prospecting methodology using social selling.

You never know, you might actually cut through the bullshit and get some leads and meetings.  And I'm not either crossing my fingers, legs or toes ... we know this works and so do our clients.

Join us?