I see a lot of rubbish talked about in the world of sales.  People wrapping up old ideas as new.  People positioning themselves as "sales experts" when they have no sales expertise on their Linkedin profile.

I've just seen an "expert" publish a book that is all templates.  So here you have salespeople, race to the bottom, to be like everybody else and use these templates.  With sales guru getting famous off the back of turning salespeople into robots!

In our world, if you will let me describe this.  We provide a social selling methodology that provides the mindset change and the habit change so you don't need templates.  Things here are different.  You also get a life skill, with templates you don't.  How long before everybody is using them?

We know that the days of treating buyers like "idiots" are gone.  Buyers are well aware of short cuts and if they don't know we go and find out. ..... On the internet.

I was pitched to by a salesperson yesterday and he opened his call with a question "do you know anything about us?".  My answer was, "of course I do. I looked on your website.  I looked you up on Linkedin and connected with you.  So I know what your company and you stand for."

So before the call, I knew he was just another salesperson looking for a sale.  Nothing wrong in that, but I'm looking for a partnership in that area.  He had lost the sales even before he had opened his mouth.

He had positioned himself as a reporter from a newspaper, where his Linkedin profile clearly marked him out as a salesperson.  Modern buyers jump to conclusions and I knew i was going to be pitched at.

The internet, mobile and social have changed the way we buy, which means we have to change the way we sell.