The world has changed.

Just looking around me on the Tube train, everybody is using mobile phones. To say nothing has changed in the world, in the world of sales or whatever area your work discipline is a sad indictment.

I just recalled a situation to somebody so much younger than me and they laughed, I knew they would. Listening to the story now how absurd it is, but back then it seemed like the end of the world to some people.

I was in a sales role and we got our first laptops. The sales administrator was fired and we were told we had to do our own typing from then on. 50% of the salesforce said “we don’t type, we are salespeople”.  "If I'm typing, when will I get time to sit in front of clients?"

Of course, everybody types now.  Looking back it is funny.

It was at this moment that I decided to embrace new technology, not at the leading edge but certainly early days. Why? To enable me to understand it.

We have an Amazon Alexa, to see what’s like. I highly recommend that you do the same.  I can have a view and opinion, because I use one and I know what it's like.

I didn't get into the iPhone really early, but did ditch the Blackberry as soon as I could.  It was obvious the way the wind was blowing.

It’s too easy saying everything is “shit” but not actually doing anything about it.

On that subject, I highly recommend reading Dr. Carol Dweck‘s book “Mindset”.  

It’s the growth Mindset (that Carol talks about) people who are fearless of trying something new that will win.

It’s the fixed Mindset where everything is “shit” that will get lost.