One of the areas of customer experience and digital transformation that people are struggling with is measurement.

How do you measure customer experience?

How do you measure digital transformation?

Increase in revenue maybe?  Increase of inbound leads maybe?

I've certainly measured it by increasing the efficiency of process.  How do you do something quicker? better?

One of the areas that we have decided to look at is to measure "digital" and do it at scale so you can not only measure people and how digital they are, but also measure a company and compare to the competition and measure an industry.

We started off measuring people who attended our social selling programs, this gave us an understanding of what "good" looks like.

This also allowed us to measure digital.

Think of it as SSI but turbo charged.

Note: This is our own measurement.

It covers, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and gives people a measurement of how "digital" they are.