Talking to somebody recently they said, "we have moved over to Microsoft teams".

I said "that's amazing, you guys should be looking at ways of reducing the efficiency and effectiveness of your current processes and reducing email?"

The answer was "no, we see it as a central place for storing files".

By the way this is not an advert for Microsoft Teams, we use Slack, but it come be Salesforce Chatter, Oracle Social Network, the thing is that social gives Boards a way of impacting on culture.

Social isn't just a way of storing files, but using social in business, the same way we use it in our personal lives.  For communicating.

We are a global business, and we use it to communicate across geographies and to connect different teams.  We use it to support the onboarding of people, so they contribute quicker.  We use it to support our sales forecast so we have a more accurate forecast, it allows more inspection on sales people.

Using social, as CEO I can see right across the business, who is contributing and who isn't.

There is no hiding place with social. 

We use it to support returners, it supports our ability to provide an environment for diversity and inclusion.

We use it everyday, I'm writing this, while one of my sales guys is getting a proposal out.  All of the key stakeholders are on the discussion and are aware of the exact document that will be sent to the client and can add their feedback to the document and can sign it off.  No need for loads of back and forwards emails.

It's time for Boards to strip out the cost and inefficiencies of  legacy processes such as email and to provide a social environment that provide better cultures to their businesses.