We see this conversation time after time, we go and see a client and they said

Client: We purchased the XYZ technology

Us: Fantastic, and what happend?

Client: Nothing.

So often tools are sold as the cure to all evils, and of course, you have to learn the use the tool in the first place.  Let's take LinkedIn Sales Navigator, this is the best lead generating tool on the market.

To use Sales Navigator you need to understand what it takes to be social, but the training is on the tool.  The training churns out some of the best equipped spammers your company has ever seen.

Being social requires mindset change and habit change.

I recently saw a report produced by Forrester on the top social selling tools on the planet.  I'm not going to mention that we are the premier social selling company in the world and we don't use any of them.  But all of the tools are totally useless unless your teams know what it takes to be social.

Remember "a fool with a tool, is still a fool".