Interesting article that highlights the annoyance of digital advertising.

You know when you go to a websites and there are videos running, click bait ads at the bottom of articles, you name it.

The thing is, we are all pissed off with this.  Or the websites just "cut their own throats".  My girlfriend was trying to place an order on a website last night and couldn't because the "can I help you" chatbot wouldn't shut.  Ironic of course.

The thing is, we have all had enough of all these interruptions.  The adverts, the cold call the unsolicited emails.  Part of 21 century living is the skill to either bypass and ignore the ads or use technology and legislation to rid us of all these distractions.

What do I mean?

Ad-blocker are growing at 30% year-on-year, I now block all cold callers using simple and standard iPhone functionality.  Same will unsolicited emails, they either go to junk or I build rules so they go to junk.  We all do it, apart from the people who send them I guess.  GDPR has seen a massive drop in interruptions and has changed sales.  Whereas once you could push and push me down your pipeline, now I can block you or report you to the ICO.

There has to be a new way, a way to build relationships?