This is a good article which details some of the things you need to do to have a modern looking Linkedin profile.  It's worth pointing out that today, this is purley "table stakes".

If you think that in sales and marketing we all believe that we need to differentiate ourselves, we need to be different.  Only our digital footprint, looks the same as everybody else.  95% of Linkedin profiles are shit.

Now, before you dive in and use this article as a "tick box" and work your way through it, there is a gotcha.  It's the mistake that everybody makes. 

The mistake is that you will try and sell to me using your Linkedin profile.  Linkedin isn't about selling.  Linkedin gets you the first meeting, which is when you can start "selling" or whatever you do at the first meeting.

You see that nobody gets up in the morning and says "I would like to talk to a salesperson".  If you look like a salesperson on Linkedin, people avoid you.

The trick, is to look human.  The trick is to look like an expert that will help the buyer.  The trick is to have a Linkedin profile that people will want to build a relationship with.  It may come as a surprise but we "judge" Linkedin profiles.  We make a judgement, are you funny, honest, will I get on with you, will I hate you, will you be boring, will you be just like all the others?

The trick my friend is to look like you will help me, to look like an expert and you won't get that from a tick list article.  It is my belief that you will need some coaching and mentoring for that.