One of the ways to support Digital Transformation via culture is by giving your employees social as a way to collaborate.

Social has been eating the lunch of email for ten years now, Slack, Jabber, Chatter, Oracle Social Network are all examples of the way that people can collaborate within and across teams.  As we know from our lives social is a frictionless way that people can communicate.  Better still, people like it as it's short, only the people that need to know are involved in the discussions.

In other words it removes the time stealers on email who copy all, copy you into to emails that you don't need to be copied in on, copied on etc etc.

We run our business on Slack after previously running a business on Oracle Social Network and getting a 25% uplift in people efficiency.  Or put it another way, there are 100,000 employees at Oracle (approx) how about getting 25,000 employees for free, zilch, nothing?