This article is about the recent Facebook Advertisements, these are not Facebook ads on Facebook but Facebook advertising themselves.  You may have seen them recently on billboards.

I find this bizarre.  How can a company like facebook come to you and say, we have this brilliant way to get ads in front of people, and then buy ad space on billboards.  It's hypercritical. 

(Of course the ad industry is jumping on this, as they do in this article and say that facebook ads don't work.  What other conclusion could you jump to?)

Before the owners of billboards get too carried away.  There is a billboard in Kingston, London near to where I live, that promotes billboard advertising.  Billboards cannot work that well, otherwise they wouldn't need to advertise them to you.

Similar, we are aware of a company that say they do social selling, but buy ads on Instagram and Facebook.  If social selling worked, why would they need to buy ads?

There is also another company that says it does social selling, they are currently sending unsolicited emails to Alex Low that works for DLA.  Why wouldn't they connect with Alex and use social?  We can only assume that social selling does not work and spamming people does?  Again hypercritical. 

So when it comes to looking at social selling companies for your social selling program.  Maybe you need to look at ones that social sell?  Here at DLA

We don't advertise.

We don't send unsolicited emails.

We don't send unsolicited videos.

We don't cold call.

We social sell!

We are only a small company, but get 3 pieces of inbound everyday.  We are more than happy to show you, how you can.  A recent client made a 2:1 return at the first session, and there is more ROI to come!

DLA is a social company.  We eat out own dog food!