The problem with Digital Marketing today is that there are so many articles peddling old thinking.

We all know that nobody looks at advertisements, with GDPR it's pretty much filled off email marketing, cold calling is inefficient and in ineffective.

Let's remember that advertising (paid media) is interruption and broadcast, which is the business model of yesteryear.  Everybody hates advertising and it has no lasting effective.

Where as, Content Marketing can have a massive impact to your business.  Your clients and future clients are researching on-line, you feed that need, with insight and education.

Here at DLA we made 70 x 1.5 minute videos this week at zero cost, this is enough content for 6 months.

If you you are winning with content, then you don't need to bother with SEO, as the content will be search term optimised.

Things have moved on with digital and we have gone social.