It's worth remembering that products, platforms and technology are all tactics and they are not strategies.

Google strategy and you get "a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim."

Now platforms, IOT or whatever is flavour of the month may well be a tactic to achieve this, but it's not the be all and end all.

Your digital strategy needs to be agreed by the whole board and board members need to lead from the front.  We all it the "elevator rule", if one of your staff gets in the elevator and asks, "this strategy is rubbish, isn't it?" everybody, front and back office should be able to say why it isn't.

So where do you start?

Our recommendation is that you get all the team together for a day and work through a structured format, the idea of this is to create consensus across the board / C-Suite.  Often this works best at the start of a new Financial Year or New Quarter when the mind-set is ready for "renewal".

At this point you are agreeing the strategy, the direction, no solutionising, this is your why, rather than the how.  It is one of the actions following the event when you start looking at the departments.

That said it is critical for all business to look at their business and operating model as I can guarantee since you set it up things have changed and it is probably not fit for purpose.