This is an interesting piece of research by McKinsey.  Honest it is!

McKinsey open with the paragraph

"McKinsey global survey of 2,500 B2B companies across industry found that those willing to shake up their sales models and embrace next-generation capabilities are growing revenue at twice the rate of GDP."  

But what does that really mean?  In this first diagram to be honest, it all seems a little meh, or to use a word that McKinsey people might use, Ennui.  Boredom to you and me. 

I have to be honest, I was underwhelmed with this diagram.

Insights - You need to sort your pricing and discounting out, this is sales 101.

Agility - You need to be solution selling and activating your channel, again sales 101.

Talent - Now, things start to get interesting as they talk about sales training should be tailored and a continue process.  Totally agree, as people learn at different speeds and the "brochure jockeys" will need more help than the "A-Players". 

Productivity - I was disappointed with this, I think if you implement a plan to do this that 20% increase seems low to me.  We would expect a 30% increase in revenue if you implemented social selling.  But hey, they are the clever people.

It is this section where they seem to have picked up on the real game changers in this new normal.

Leaders go where their customers are—and that’s online.

To summarise the table and write it in plain English

McKinsey say you should be social selling ..... Period.

They don't say you should play with it, with some hints and tips chicken shit LinkedIn trainer, this is McKinsey, one of the world's leading thought leaders and management consultants.

Out performers are social selling and they are using a methodology to do it.

Mic drop!

NB: If you are thinking of going to McKinsey for social selling training, you might want to check us out as well. :)

Outperformers lean into talent development

McKinsey go onto say, as above, that training needed to be tailored and continual.  

So there you have it, if you want to be an outperformer, you need to get your sales people social selling.  While I agree (of course) this isn't me saying it, it's McKinsey. 

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