LinkedIn research shows that 56% of professionals say a business executive’s presence on social media positively influences their purchase decision and 66% say they would be more likely to recommend a company or brand if they followed a company executive on social media.

The Business of Influence: Activating Execs on Social Media

Naturally, company executives tend to be kept busy by their many day-to-day tasks, obligations, and priorities. Embedding social media activity as a part of their routine requires first clearly conveying the value, and then making it easily manageable.

With regards to the former, executive thought leadership supports a variety of different business goals, including:

  • Brand and Reputation: Leaders can reinforce a company’s values and purpose, as an authentic amplifier of the messaging
  • Market Consideration: Customers are more likely to trust a company when they see unique perspectives and demonstrable expertise from its leaders.
  • Demand Generation: Content shared by executives becomes another draw for potential buyers with relevant interests.
  • Talent Attraction and Employee Engagement: People want to work for visionary business leaders they respect and can learn from."

But who's doing this?

Great example of CEOs online are Bernard Looney at BP and James Watt at Brewdog.

Both of them see social media as a platform for them to speak to their prospects and clients, they are also both see this as a platform to make the world a better place.

Often people see this as a "thought leadership" platform and it's far bigger than that.

James Watt for example has offered the Brewdog pubs to the Scottish Government so they could administer vaccines.  Social media is clearly a mechanism for Brewdog to speak to its customers and future customers without the need of going through traditional media. 

So what?  Eric Doyle's 17 year old son has said he wants to work for Brewdog when he is older, BECAUSE the CEO is active on social media.

How will this help me make my number?

All of this will help you make your number as it drives your business visibility. 

This is bound to get your company to be seen in a better light, which means you will be invited more to the "top table", there will be more "inbound" sales opportunities and when you prospect there will be more "instant recognition". 

When I worked at a large US software vendor we could contact anybody at any level in an organisation and get through.  When I worked at small companies, nobody has heard of you.

Being clearly about the sound of the crowd, will help you, your business and help you over achieve your number. 

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