Let me introduce you to Eric Doyle.

Eric has worked his life in "oil and gas" but realised with the move to a more sustainable outlook in life, he and his wife Sarah, needed to do something different.

Eric and I bumped into each other on social ..... I will let Eric take up the story here  

Let's break this down.

Eric had a change of career, he took a risk on a "new way" of selling during 2020.  I don't have to remind you that 2020 has meant political unrest, social unrest and a global pandemic.  Surely, if there was a time to start a business, this wasn't it.

But he's been successful, he's expanding the business, he's taking on more people ... not many people are doing this in the current climate.

What's The Secret to A Successful Business Today?

He's not making "one more call", he's not doing what he's always done.

He isn't using advertising, he isn't using email marketing, he isn't making any cold calls.  Eric has not spent a single $ on advertising, cold calling or email marketing. 

He realised with any new way of working you "cannot get a little bit pregnant".

He knows that "hint and tips", "profile updates" and a "masterclasses" buy you nothing ... the same with templates, they buy you nothing either.  Of course, you might be OK with these things, but you must have low expectations.

This isn't Eric, "good enough" isn't "good enough", he wants to be a success.

Here is a person that has built their business on the strategic use of social.

A methodology that is allowing him to get C-Level meetings by using social techniques. (I've written before about how he is getting C-Level meetings from posting content.)

Eric wants to grow is own opportunities, he wants to be totally incontrol of his and his business lead generation and he wants to be totally self sufficient in his prospecting.  Forever! 

Where Do We Go From Here?

If you are interested in how you can get your business back on track and expanding in the current climate.  How to be self sufficient in your prospecting, then contact me or Eric.

We have a global team here at DLA Ignite, so if you are based in a different country or want a different industry knowledge, then contact me and I will connect you with somebody else within the DLA Ignite global team.

If you are interested in being a Partner of DLA Ignite, then contact me.