2020 has been difficult, it has thrown so many challenges at us.

I'm lucky, that even through this madness that my two elderly parents are still alive.  My mother (82) has been shielding since March, I'm writing this in October.  My father (88) (has Dementia) and is looked after by a nursing home.  We all have circumstances and stories were we have been impacted by this Pandemic, layoffs, deaths, young people suddenly having their world turned upside down.  You couldn't make this stuff up

The Pandemic Has Thrown Us Challenges

Then look at the world of business, we are all working from home.  Where as, Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) used to go into the office and be masters of the phone, now they are having to master the challenges of working from home.  My partners 25 year old son has gone to live in Barcelona.  He told his company that if he is working virtually, he can do that anywhere in the world.  His company agreed.  He moved from London to Barcelona during a recent gap in the lockdown.

My background is new business sales and now I'm having to sell without the comfort of being able to visit a company and meet the people face-to-face.  This is very strange. 

At my household, my partner and I have had to change our shopping habits.  Where once we would go to the supermarket to shop (which my partner prefers), we have switched our buying to get home deliveries (which my partner dislikes).

The same in business, we have seen a massive leap for people to get online. 

How Has The Online World Changed Us?

In this October 2020 report by Simon Kemp he outlines the extent that social media has become part of our lives.  

Worldwide social media users: 4.14 billion - 53% of the world's population use social media in other words, more people use social media than don't use it.

Simon says that "two thirds of the working population in the world is now active on social media."

We Are All Virtual Selling Now

The pandemic has thrust these problems on us and it's scary.  I'm writing this as we are about to move into "Lockdown 2" as it's called here in the UK and the Government have said, this may well extend after the proposed month.  Even Christmas will probably be digital this year.

I know that this is scary.

Your Lack Of Confidence Is Holding You Back

But being scared of the unknown is a barrier to change.

This venn diagram often does the rounds on social media and it is very true.  Our fears are the thing that often holds us back.

How many times in life have you thought "if only I had done x".

We all have to move to virtual selling; and moving to virtual selling will impact our track records, our teams and our business if we are going to survive.  We have to fight our fears and tackle this head on.

So What Can We Do?

Our initial reaction will be to ignore the situation and carry on as you were.  Then you will try and make do.  The classic reaction will be to look internally at resource that will get us through this problem.  

The problem is that many, many companies are still struggling to work out what do to sell in this virtual world.  They have put a plaster on the problem, but we know, deep down that this isn't working.  And while we keep hoping the problem will go away, it doesn't.  In fact it seems to be getting worse, working virtually seems to becoming "business as usual".

You Are Not Alone

Let's take a step back for a second.  Let's not forget that every company around the world has these problems.

"A problem shared, really IS a problem halved"  In fact a report, shows this to be the case.  Researchers from California have proved that the best way to beat stress is to share your feelings - and sharing with someone in the same situation yields the best results.

There has to be a point where we realise we are going to need to get outside help to fix this, and the good news is, we are here to help you.

Virtual Selling Track Record

Here at DLA Ignite, we are not some "just pivoted" business, we are also not doing this until we get another job.  We have been doing this for the last 4 years and supporting businesses to virtual selling is what we do.

We have a methodology that you follow, which means it removes the need for people to think.  It is literally, "do this", "do this" and you will get results.

Sorry to be factual for a second, but we always get asked about return on investment (ROI).  Typically, people are getting 30% increase in revenue and a 40% reduction in sales cycle.  

One client is getting a 100% ROI.  Think about this as a machine where you give me $1 and I crank the handle of the machine and I give you $100 back.

I realise that might sound too good to be true, but why not test us, run a pilot and see how it goes?  

What have you got to lose?

As a Responsible Employer - Now Is The Time To Invest In your team and Give Them New Life Skills 

Let's not forget, that we are providing you and your team with a new life skill, that you have forever.  (The results above are therefore not an initial hit or in year one, they are forever.)

Investing in your sales team right now shows commitment, to the people, from the business, means your team have the skills to sell virtually and digitally.  

You are also creating a great legacy for the business.

As a CEO said to me the other day "we came into this Pandemic analogue, we are going to come out of it digital".  Enabling your team to sell virtually is just the right thing to do.