Once upon a time, there were companies.

These companies were driven from the top down. They were hierarchical.  You did what you were told.  There were rules.

Post on social media and you get fired.

The companies blocked everybodies access to facebook.

The companies aid you must follow all the rules.

Life was hard and we all knew our place.

We had no access to information, in fact the only information we would get was fed to us from other big companies.

"Buy our stuff, because we are great" they would shout.

What else could we do? We knew no different.

If Persil interrupted us with an advert and broadcast a message that they washed whiter than white. Why on earth would we not believe them?

If there was an advert where you too could have a body like Charles Atlas, then why would an advert lie?  Let's send off our money.

Life was good for the big companies and advertisers.

Then Disaster Hit

There was then a number of inventions that shook this status quo.

The internet.

Mobile phones.

Social Media.



Cold calling blocking software

and ...

Companies that loved and supported their employees.

Can you imagine the concern this created for all those controlling companies? 

Just think, free thinking people?  People that can make their own minds up, without the constant interruptions of big bad companies?  Telling you what to do?

But did things really change? Then Covid_19 hit

As we enter the sixth month of lock down, we are used to buying everything, yes everything, off the internet.

To access services, the Government has even given people laptop and ipads.

If I want to buy something, I can now do it, completely without your salesforce knowing.

Better still, if big bad companies advertise at me, send me marketing emails or cold call me, I now go online and ...

1. Check them out - Is this a company with the same belief systems as me and do I want to buy from them?

2. Check the employees out on social - do the employees have the same belief systems as me and do I want to buy from them?

3. Can I buy it elsewhere, cheaper and better?

Why Your Advertising, Email Marketing and Cold Calling Is Driving Your Prospects Into the Arms of Your Competition

3. is the killer ..... let me say this again. If you use advertising, email marketing and cold calling you are driving your prospects into the arms of your competitors that have invested online. How?

If I tell you the BMW 5 Series is the best car in the world, you will go online and check out the competition.  You will ask influencers.  You will ask your network, that you are thinking of buying a BMW 5 Series what do you think.

I bet, you will have more options than when you started.  Some of them maybe "better", some will be cheaper.

But you will have found them ALL through the use of social media, reading content and through your network.

The Walls Came Tumbling Down

There has been a perfect storm of change, the internet, mobile, social media, covid 19 ..... all of it has forced the world to change.

But have you and your business?

In the words of the "Walls come tumbling down" by the Style Council

"You don't have to take this crap

You don't have to sit back and relax

You can actually try changing it

I know we've always been taught to rely

Upon those in authority

But you never know until you try

How things just might be

If we came together so socially

Are you gonna try to make this work

Or spend your days down in the dirt

You see things can change

Yes and walls can come tumbling down"


Usually I start blogs with a story, sometimes it will be a story that motivated why I write it, today I'm ending my blog with the story.

A friend of mine used to work at company A, she left and has been left 12 months.  

She has just liked something on Linkedin from company B, who happen to be a competitor to company A.  

She has just been contacted by company A and asked why she has liked a post from a competitor.

Bizarre I know, but this is a true story.

There are companies out there that still think they can control and manipulate the buyer. They think that interruption and broadcast works 

It's time we stood up to this corporate bullying and walked away from advertising, email marketing and cold calling and liberated ourselves.

It's time to live happily ever after!

If you want to know why and how social isn't just a fairy tale contact me here.