Reading the headline "Half of Worldwide CEOs Have Seen Diminished Demand for Their Products and Services" in the current Covid19 climate, probably doesn't surprise you or me.  In fact, I think the figure should be higher.

The other figure that does not surprise me either, from this research is that 44% of CEOs are seeing a change in consumer behaviour. 

What About The Future?

There seems to be economists talking on the television about a "V" shaped recovery, a "tick" shaped recovery, a "U" shaped recovery.  Nobody really knows.

Regardless of what the "experts" say it's you and your management team that know what your pipeline looks like for September, October and November.

The feedback we have is that most companies are looking like a desert. 

Let's go back to the research

"Nearly half of CEOs say they’re challenged by changes in consumer behavior"

How We Communicate and How Business Has Changed

A question we often ask of people is "so how do you communicate with your life partner?"  The answer will be on whatsapp, or text, or facebook .... it will be social it won't be by email or by phone.

Then we ask people how they buy stuff and they will say "well I go to Google and search for what I want, I read article on social, I might ask my friends on Facebook for their advice.  We might turn to online influencers."

Can you see where this is going?

So why, when the world has changed and you have certain behaviours at home as do the whole wide world, and all your buyers and consumers do you come to work and expect people to look at adverts?  Why do you expect people to read your spam emails?  Why do you expect people to answer your cold calls?

I get the answer that they did pre-covid, but we have agreed that the world has changed.  None of this, for business, adds up.

We all know the quote "hope isn't a strategy", it isn't. 

So why do you hope that making more calls, sending more emails and buying ads will dig you out of this hole and magic you some pipeline for the rest of the year?

Doing The Same You Did Pre-Covid Won't Cut it

We all know the world has changed, we all know the world of business has changed and we all know this because our own behaviors have changed, accept we expect everything will carry on as it did pre-covid.

I'm really sorry to break it to you, this is going to cause your business more cash flow issues and more law offs.  

Want To Do Something About That Pipeline Desert?

We have been teaching clients to use social media to sell for over 4 years now.  That isn't a boast, it's gives you some context.

We don't do with "hints and tips" or a "masterclass" that will make no impact on that pipeline desert, we have a methodology. You are wasting your money. 

One of the things about social media is that people talk about what "should" happen.  If you do this, this "should" happen.  Because we have been doing this for a number of years and have the B2B Enterprise clients, we have based our methodology on data.

(We are the only company in the world to do this.)

Social Selling Methodology Based On Data

We know if you "do this", "do this", "do this" you will get leads and meetings.  We know if you miss out one of those steps, you won't.

What we do is teach you and your team these steps.

We do this without spamming people, we do this so your sales team becomes a self-sufficient lead generation machine.

Don't believe me? Here's an article that is a taster.

This will get you out of that pipeline desert!

Business Case

We would expect each salesperson to generate an additional meeting per week.

Let's say that of those four meetings, one turns into a proposal.

For each of those three proposals per quarter, you close one deal.

That is an additional sale per quarter.

For an average deal size of $100,000 that is an additional $400,000 per sales person.


There's More ..

We will also teach your salespeople how to use social to accelerate deals in the pipeline and how to close deals using social.  But, let's sort that pipeline issue first?

Maybe it's time to have a chat?

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