There is a lot of talk about Influencer marketing.  Much of it is wrong as influencer marketing is seen as advertising (paid media).  You tell somebody influential to tell people they like your product and they do this on social media.  This is no different from TV commercials.

Influencer marketing is actually about getting somebody influential but for them do do something with you and they share it with their network.

But there is something better ...

The only thing that companies have today that is unique is their people / employees.  Their skills, experiences all are unique.

These employees are connected to their family and friends, people who love and trust them.  How about if we motivated your staff to share authentic, insightful and educational content.  They will share it with a network that loves them.

We demonstrated this recently when we were in Singapore.  Their cellular network Singtel has 35,000 followers on Twitter, which is good.

Not when you find out they have 25,000 employees and 4 million customers.  In fact more people ignore them,than follow them.

What happens if we empower 10% of the employees and they all have 100 followers, this gives the business a reach of 250,000.  Already more than the current corporate account.

If we could empower 50% of employees and they have 500 connections like the average person on LinkedIn.  This gives the business a reach of 6.25 million.  Add to that the connections love the people and are more likely to share the connect.  You have here a clear business case.