I lived in Harrow, in London until I was 8 years old. I would play football with my older brother and a gang of boys (sorry forgotten their names) from our school at Cunningham Park.

My mum, quite rightly told my brother and I not to talk to strangers, not to accept sweets from strangers and not to get into strangers cars.

Where as, this year we book our holiday to stay at strangers houses (AirBnB), we travelled around in strangers cars (Uber) and made decisions based on strangers views (Tripadvisor).

How times have changed.In my first book “social selling - techniques to influence buyers and changemakers” I devote a whole chapter to it.

The biggest issue we find with people when we “activate” them as part of our social programs is that they have nothing to say.

The world has changed. Marketing does not work anymore. We hate cold callers, we hate inmails (they are after all cold calls on a social network), we hate adverts, we hate unsolicited emails. 

Luckily we have legislation like GDPR on our side and technology like standard functionality on the iPhone that now blocks cold callers.  Have you seen the new Apple iOS functionality that blocks cold callers, I'm lovin' it!

I’m not saying that these marketing methods are dead, but there is a clear direction of travel and they are dying.

The only USP a company has today are it’s people. Every person being different and unique! This is the secret sauce to marketing today. Not stuffing your staff with corporate content, that nobody will read through the other channels. The secret is to get your employees to talk in their own voices.The trick in terms of employee experience or employee advocacy is to empower them and excite them to talk, to strangers, in their own voice. 

Not content which is an “adverts” but authentic content, that is insightful and educational.But how do you activate your employees to talk to strangers? How do you activate your employees to create content that is insightful and educational? There is where we come in!

Talking on social is easy, it's just about activating them and having a methodology to show people simple steps that they can replicate.  It is ...... that easy!