The problem with so much about Sales is that people are still pushing out the same old, same old and hoping that when you read it, you will think it's new.

I've read countless books on prospecting and they all say the same thing.  Again the assumption is that you don't know how to prospect (and that is OK) and so you will buy their book.

BTW, to save you the time of reading all the books on prospecting, the best one is "High Profit Prospecting" by Mark Hunter.  But like all prospecting books, it's assume a world before the internet.

A client of ours is training their sales people in parallel two different sales methods.  The one is pushed down from "corporate", I'm not going to mention it, but I was taught it some 25 years ago.

The second sales methodology, which has been voted for by the local sales and marketing management is our social selling methodology.

I have to walk past the 25 year old training sessions when I go to the toilet and it is like I'm there 25 years ago.  There do spend 20 minutes on social, I know as I happened to be walking past.  The lesson is that your clients are on social and you need to be there.  No shit sherlock!

Being the same as everybody else, with the same sales methodology from 30 years ago does not cut it anymore.  We have been around long enough to know that just isn't good enough.

Reading blogs where they tell you the same old, same old shit, won't make your number, transform your sales team or leave a legacy with your business.

You have to disrupt.

But trust me, we will "hold your hand".

PS:  If you want to know how the "corporate" is doing with their 30 year sales methodology vs the team that is social selling, DM me, happy to let you know.