Did you know that by 'skipping' those YouTube adverts your actually doing the advertiser a favour?

Apologies, I came across this tired piece of research from 2017 that attempts to sell us the concept that because we skip those YouTube ads it works in the advertisers favour, this is because they don't have to pay out for views that have no value, and of course it helps to improve our user experience - I'm still laughing BTW.

I'm pretty sure that ad fraud bots can fill in the gaps that we don't click.........

I don't know about you but I have never, ever, thought "I best skip that ad and save those poor people a few cents". 

Unless you can find someone who can refute the next statement let's just agree that to skip that 6 second ad is still too long a time period, and YouTube even have the ability to allow advertisers to increase that time frame to 15 seconds and actually place ads that we can't skip.

Content Discovery is the most significant USP by a country mile, why?

Because its draws us in with something we have determined is of interest to us, it dramatically increases dwell time, which is what brands who want access to us pay for with their intrusive advertising.

How about they focus on producing great stories that we can relate to, engage with, and get them to join us in a conversation - it's called being social.

The 'advertise and promote' thinking that brands have created over the years since the internet as we know it was born is slowly dying, it's time to look at where the people who populate this planet, and the 3.5 billion people who are on all kinds of social media platforms are screaming out for something that simply doesn't overwhelm their browsing experience.

There is an alternative way - feel free to contact the author of this blog to find out more.