People go on LinkedIn to connect with employers, find jobs and discover new companies they'd like to join. So says the writer of the article in the link below.

An awful lot of people are also on LI because of FOMO, they see it as some kind of insurance policy for when they need to find a job.

There's also the myth that its just a platform for B2B companies wanting to connect with potential 'buyer's of their product and services, and that myth is partly true, its just that the majority go about it the wrong way.

When I say the 'wrong way' I mean they forget that its actually 'social network' and being 'social doesn't mean to can spam people, or give them your sales pitch in seconds of them accepting your connection request.

The B2C world is used to dealing with hundreds of thousands of customers, it spends considerable sums on creating 'paid adverts' along with creating some pretty interesting content.  

A engaging Social Media strategy is just that, it requires a strategy not a load of marketing tactics, it requires you to pause 'paid media' thinking, and revert back to being social. 

As a B2C marketing company, you should be sharing information about your brand that appeals to every user, stories and content that entices engagement, with the goal being to encourage people to want to 'share it'. 

By focusing on what LinkedIn's all about, you'll be able to pinpoint more business connections, while also boosting your appeal to a wider audience.