Interesting article but they missed out the number one that will and is changing the world.

If you look at the Hootsuite / We are Social Media research, that is created by Simon Kemp there are no 3.5 billion people on social media and 98% of these people access social media through mobile.

Social Media has already revolutionized the world, we have seen Governments come and go through the use of social media.  At a more macro level we are seeing the world of sales and marketing being transformed.

Out go the legacy sales methods of the past and in comes real prospecting using the use of social media.  Sales teams are being transformed and this is happening right here and right now.  Not sending spammy inmails, which are in fact just cold calls on a social network, but building meaningful relationships.  Why?  It's very simple, social selling is more efficient and effective to legacy methods.  Not saying that cold calling does not work, but 50 leads cold called the time could have been spent generating 100 social selling leads.  Leads, that are after all better qualified.

Social selling, also enables you to shorten the sales cycle.

This, of course, has a spin off into transforming all the other departments in the business.  Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Services etc.

If your Sales team is now self sufficient in terms of demand generation, this means that the marketing department role has to change.  Same with Human Resources, social enables you to do twice the work for the half the cost.  This is pretty transformational.