One of the things that we see, as probably you do, is the amount of advice out there right now.  If anything has exploded in the digital world is advice pulling you in all kinds of directions, especially towards shiny new objects.

2018 was a changing year for us, CMO after CMO came to us and said that "Marketing isn't working anymore", we also watched a number of CMOs being fired as they hadn't grappled with the "new world order".

We certainly think that, there are some things we can all do that are a little closer to home than having robots walk around a conference, but does not all conferences have robots nowadays?

The first thing we can do is understand that the world has changed, the internet, mobile and social media, has changed the way business is transacted.  This recognition is key if we are going to plot our way ahead.

Advertising, cold calling, unsolicited emails are all last century and while the results may have not stopped totally, there is a clear direction of travel.  Technology (ad-blockers, blocking callers and emails in applications), legislation (GDPR) and people's attitudes to this (we are too busy for all this noise) means that interruption and broadcast marketing, just didn't fit in the what is nearly the second decade of the 21st century. 

You want to get ahead in a disruptive world, go to where your clients are, on social.