One of the things about SEO is that SEO agencies always make it sound hard, when of course it isn't.

How else will they to get you to part with money for something that is pretty straightforward.  Let me give you an example.

We recently lost a piece of business because the prospect was searching using a term on Google that we hadn't realised was a search term.  We did exactly what they wanted, but they didn't find us under a normal "social selling" search.  This sort of thing is easily done, but by asking the right questions we were able to find the new search term.  We then proceeded to write content around that search term and within one week, we were on page one of Google for that term.

The cost to us £zero ($zero).

As a business, we do no outbound marketing, no advertising, no cold calling, no unsolicited emails and we don't attend events.  Which means are marketing budget is £zero ($zero) too.  Well that's not entirely true, there is our time.  But we know that writing content is today the same as prospecting.

We publish a unique piece of content everyday and get three pieces of inbound every day.  That's 3 pieces of BANT qualified leads each day.  (Obviously) if we had more people we would get more inbound.

If you are doing the right thing GDPR, SEO all of these things will follow and as we all know earned media is 10 times more effective than paid media.