This is a great article on what makes a good Linkedin profile, BUT and it's a big but, this is a task list and I'm sorry but that won't get you the transformation you are looking for.

The one thing that all Linkedin profiles have that makes them good, is not a list of tasks ticked off - but your Linkedin profile is "human".

The reader should feel they "know you" just by reading it.  They should feel that you can help them, that they can trust you, that they would like a "beer" with you, that a meeting with you will be insightful!

This cannot be gained by profile writers, watching webinars or knowledge based training .... it requires you to think differently.

This requires you to give some of yourself, it requires you to stop being "salesy", it requires you to stop writing in jargon that you think I want to read, it requires you to look like the expert you are, it requires you to look great to the buyer.  It's hard, but we are here to help.