Nice article, it's kind of advertorial as it talks about ServiceNow who, guess what as they are a technology company.  Start talking about technology of course.

But, in the quote below, Andrew from Accenture gets it right!

The problem for business is this.  Traditional marketing is broken.  Advertising isn't working, email does not work, cold calling does not work, events don't work.  In fact any type of interruption and broadcast marketing today makes your company look desperate and in trouble.  Think about it, the only reason why you would cold call is that you don't have enough leads and meetings, I know that, you know that and all your customers that you are interrupting know that.

Technology has caught up with Marketing,  GDPR, ad-blockers, AI in email, voice mail, number blockers on phones.  All can be used and are used by people to stop these interruptions.  I certainly use them and so do you customers.

The single thing that you have that nobody else has is your people.  People are core to your digital transformation (and marketing).

Digital transformation isn't about system change, whatever type of cloud or IOT or whatever the latest technology fashion is.  Digital Transformation is about a new way of doing things and that requires you bringing your people along with you.

One way you can get them involved and to provide a quick win is to get them involved in the social part of your digital transformation.  Social Media is now used across your business, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Procurement, Finance in fact there probably isn't a department it's not used.  Social is natural and we are all used to using it, on a day by day basis.  So why not turn it into a strategy, like most companies are?

What do I mean?  Use social internally and externally and get your people to talk about your products and services on social.  Not in a boastful or corporate marketing way, but empower them to talk in their natural voice.