There is a common theme about customer service and customer experience which nobody talks about.  Social Media.

Think about it.  We use social in Marketing, we use social in sales, we social in customer service, we use social in HR, I could go on.  In fact social is used across the enterprise.  Now here's a thing what happened if you stopped social being siloed across the business?  Think of the power!

Our customers are on social so let's join up the Enterprise and create the best customer experience by being a social enterprise?  The benefits have already here to be seen by companies, in fact we are seeing self financing projects based on the incremental revenue created and the competitive advantage obtained.

This article talks about customer journey mapping which is critical, so is employee journey mapping and using social as the glue to bind and social is a new process framework and operating model.

It makes me, as CEO smile, as there is only one company in the world that does this, or should I talk on the current tense, doing it.