Kodak designed the first digital camera, but they were so terrified that this would cannibalise their business that they hid it in a cupboard.  Myspace didn't seem to grasp that social media is ever evolving as it matures, more people use it etc.  Nokia actually had iPhone like phones but when they did market research with the public, the public hated them.  Wouldn't the screens break?  Wouldn't the screen get finger prints on them?

If we look at other innovations, Uber, wasn't started by a taxi company, AirBnb was not started by a hotel company, Shazam was not started by the music business.

Innovation and maybe survival in today's age rests with you and to do this is not about efficiency or inside out thinking, which is what you get from traditional management consultancy, it requires outside in thinking.  And often thinking the unthinkable.  As leaders we have to create the culture and empowerment of our people to challenge.  So often we see a workforce that is scared to say the right think and certainly cannot challenge.  Or there is no culture of challenge.