This year we have been set the task of acting, working, and being different.

The pandemic has given all people on social media a chance to digest a new way of working, seeing what is available, what else can be done, and how we can be better or more active on these wonderful engaging platforms.

My time has been well spent I hope.

I have worked hard and continue to do so on my efforts to get things in line on social.

  • Post content which I feel has a message.
  • Be human on what I post.
  • Comment, like share other posts on what I see or hear.
  • Topical, interesting, popular and who I am.
  • I connect on a daily basis with people and digest their content and business news.
  • I have conversations about them, me, what's new, how are things.

I feel this situation has given most of us (4 billion+ who use social media) a chance to check out the happening of the digital landscape.

Perhaps you are looking at your business and your personal profile and wondering how I use X to develop Y and build on Z.

 Stats show that before the pandemic 71% of salespeople believed that their role would be radically different in 5 years and more about social. Fast forward 4 months and BOOM. It has happened this year and now is the time to get strategic.

There is no SILVER BULLET to this new landscape in the digital world.

It takes time, effort, commitment and consistency to learn, digest, build, grow and then in time you will become more in tune to what is required, what is working, what can be altered and so on.

  • It doesn't happen overnight. It won't be a quick fix.
  • It won't be a tip or a technique or a masterclass.
  • It will be consistent delivery from you and your team around you.


It is not easy. The road is long.

But what else can you do?

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 You can sit with your head in the sand, batten down the retainer vault or you can continue to grow, develop as a business and social media user, building trust, sharing knowledge and intrigue so your prospects can see you and be interested in what you share and who you are. TRUST and DESIRE. It's up to you.

The journey goes on, but with some time and commitment and all of the team pulling in the same direction. Success is coming.

I am learning every week and will continue to post and engage and connect as I thoroughly enjoy meeting, hearing and listening to others and the challenges they face along with the good they are doing. It is not all bad. Some great things are happening out there.

I feel for a lot of businesses in many sectors who have the hand forced.

I have mentioned this in previous blogs.

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 Gartner research shows a steady shift of customer preferences from in-person sales interactions to digital channels. B2B buyers spend only 17% of the total purchase journey with sales reps. Because the average deal involves multiple suppliers, a sales rep gets roughly 5% of a customer’s total purchase time. And 44% of millennials prefer no sales rep interaction at all in a B2B setting. 

The facts remain that whatever 2021 throws at us, it is up to us a people on social and up to businesses who want to generate more prospecting and lead generation to use the tools to the maximum.

This doesn’t portend the eventual “death of the sales rep,” but it does signal drastic changes needed in the seller role.

 Lead your team into the social and digital battle. The results will be GOLD.

There is no SILVER BULLET. Strategy and effort will win the day.


Happy to talk things over. And just chat.

Enjoy the hump.


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