This link is to We Are Social’s “Think Forward 2021” report which is a recap of the year.  Then while using that data they are trying to predict the future.  Not easy.

2020 was a year of global events, first the pandemic (March), a civil rights movement (June) and momentous uncertainty (post April till date).

We are Social Recommend 3 Trends to monitor closely in 2021:

- Practical Advocacy – bid farewell to armchair activism and embrace digital advocacy as it’s here to stay. Notably – “The innovation of long-form formats on traditionally short-form platforms like #Instagram + #Twitter has brought education and action to new audiences.”

"There's been a realization that online action can translate into offline change"

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) campaign started in the US and spread across the world.  One day demonstrators are pulling down statues associated with Slavery in the US, the next day demonstrators are doing the same in the UK.  This is how social can empower people, globally.  It also shows how online conversation, can become offline activism. 

- The Simple Life“Brands should celebrate the importance of little things, not just big things.” This means that audiences are using social to reconnect with their core values like never before.  Here is an article on Brands with Purpose on Instagram.

"Digital tools have become essential in maintaining our offline relationships"

There is also a great article on how Nike creates real stories for their campaigns

- Reliable Idols – I have to admit, I love this trend as people are asking for more ‘reliability’ from their social media influencers (read CEOs), and asking them to use their platform and voice responsibly, and moreover, holding them accountable for their actions.

"Influential figures are being held accountable"

Read this article from Alex Low on CEOs on Social Media, which covers:-

CEO of HSBC, Noel Quinn

CEO of Shakespeare Martineau, Sarah Walker-Smith

CEO of JLL Guy Grainger 

Managing Partner of EY Benoit Laclau

Founder of Obelisk Support and the First 100 Years Dana Denis-Smith

CEO of BP Bernard Looney 

Many of these companies are pretty conservative and work in regulated industries.

CEO of Brewdog, James Watt

And then we get posts like this, you can find this here

This is where CEOs are holding other companies and other CEOs accountable.

Let's not forget with social media, you can run, but you cannot hide ...... do nothing (hiding) isn't a strategy, as a business you have this take this on.  Head on. 

This is how the world is changing, you might not like, but it's changing .....