In this video it talks about 4 things you need to nail to make your sales number.

1. Top down support - I recall a company coming us and asking them to help them transform to social selling. I explained that to be successful they needed top down support.

We didn't win that deal, one of our competitors did and the company has seen no change.  The fact they had the foresight to transform to digital before Covid 19 would or could have made a major impact in their survival in the pandemic, but they wasted their chance.

2. Been There and Done That - We often seem teams recreating the wheel and wasting time, which companies don't have right now.

The reason why you want to move to digital, is for the efficiencies, effectiveness and the competitive advantage. The knowledge already exists, the mistakes have already been made, it's time to accelerate.  You either need a team that has done this before, or hire a team.  I'm biased, but we have a team of people all with different vertical experience. 

3. Sequence Matters - Too many people shoot off in different directions with "random acts of social" or people do what they think is social selling.

A friend of mine posted on social that he was undergoing cancer treatment and a person tried to sell to him, on social media, as he lay in a bed in hospital.  There is a right way and a wrong way.

Here at DLA Ignite we have a methodology.  If you "do this" and "do this" you get "this result".

There is none of this post and hope ... we all know, hope isn't a strategy.

4. Leading from the front - I'm the CEO of DLA Ignite and I've written this blog.  Why?  Because it's key that the team know they should be creating content, it's part of prospecting.  There is no way, that I can sit and not create content, but expect others to.  Leading by "do as I say, but not as I do" is hypocritical today, as it's always been. 

Transforming to Digital Selling is scary, which is why we provide as standard 1 to 1 training.  This enables even the shyest member of the team to find their voice and get out on social and join the conversation.

If you are looking to transform to remote selling and want to get there quickly then maybe you should talk to one of the DLA Ignite team or you can get in touch with me here.