Crux Cast #45 - Adam Gray - DLA Ignite

Join us for a trip through the life of Adam Gray, Co-founder of DLA Ignite - the worlds leading Strategic Social Media organisation. From his early fascination with music and hopes to play violin professionally, through high end HI-FI and his journey into Digital Marketing.  

Now, leading the global charge in Social Media transformation for businesses with his business partner, Tim Hughes. 

A master trainer, published author ('Brilliant Social Media' and the now famous 'Smarketing'), an accomplished guitar player and Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce....its fair to say that Adam has an interesting life story. 

Find out what Adams take is on the world today and what can be done to help. Contact Adam via his Linkedin/Twitter profile or the DLA Ignite website. 

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