One of the things we teach people as part of our social programs is how to create content.

The ability to create content at all levels and in different department, not just sales, it's a key life skill today.  Just like knowing how to use Zoom, Powerpoint or even how to use a mobile phone.

We teach all people to create content; from sales people to technical people and this can be people from different departments such as human resources, procurement, marketing, customer service etc.

You could be surprised, that but you getting onto this will dig you out of your pipeline hole this September, October and November.  Of course you need to get your salespeople prospecting and we can help with that, but as a Leader I suspect the hole is pretty big, so here is a "belt and braces" policy.

Help Is At Hand

In this article by Adam Gray, he takes you through all of the excuses we hear and explains why you should not fear creating content.  We often hear people say that writing content and hoping isn't a strategy. They are dead right.

We don't teach people to write content and hope. This is about creating action based content and let's not forget that if you are not creating content you are invisible to the modern buyer.  Being invisible to the modern buyer means you are losing deals to the competition. 

We are All Social

We are all social, it could be being social "down the pub" or social "on zoom meetings". But we are all social.

Extrovert or Introvert .... by the way, social media is great for introverts as you can go away and think about your answer.

Your Prospects and Customers are On Social

In this research by Simon Kemp there are now more people on social than, not on social. So where as in the past if you were not on social, you were in the majority, now you are in the minority.

This expands also into business that in the past the majority of clients were not on social media, now the fact is that the majority of clients ARE on social media.

How to save Your Pipeline

Right now many of you are looking at pipeline deserts. How will you pull this back.  It's simple, empower your employees to talk on social.  Not in a "corporate content" way... that does not differentiate you, but in an authentic, inspirational, educational way.

Who's doing this?

In this interview with Danielle Guzman who is Global Head of Social Media for Mercer and we discuss "5 Things to Kick Start Your Employee Advocacy Program" and she shares the value they have gained from empowering their employees with social media.

Mercer are getting 3 to 4 times the attributed revenue than the brand generates.  Can you believe that? If the brand is creating $10 million, then empowering your team on social will generate $40 million.

There could be a business case there, ny suggestion is that you use an outside company to help you. Hint, hint. ;)

Here's a post from one of clients that talks about this subject. 

Social Selling Results

Eric Doyle, he's a partner of ours. He's posted about the fact that he has started riding his bike again.  

At the time of writing Eric has 36 likes and 53 comments. That means with the average person having 500 connections on Linkedin that has reached 44,500 people.  Think how long it would take you to build an email list of 44,500 people.  We could assume that those 44,500 have 500 connections, so that connect could be seen by 22 million people.  Who cares? You want leads and meeting after all!

Last time I spoke to him, he has got 6 new business meetings from this, it took him 20 minutes to create.

(I wonder if you can create 6 new business minutes in 20 minutes from advertising, cold calling or email marketing? ... I doubt it, but let me know if you can).

Don't Wait Until September

One of our clients, the average sales cycle is 187 days, so if you want to close something today, you needed to start 187 days ago.

The same with pipeline, if you want to sort the pipeline desert you are heading to, you need to start now.

We are ready to help.

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