Jaguar Land Rover are a beacon of the car industry, I remember travelling in my first Land Rover, I also remember travelling in my visit Range Rover.

I remember getting the Police Range Rover as a corgi model car.

The thing is, like any company, they have to keep up with the latest developments in research and development and the latest sales and marketing.

JLR has been complaining they were not selling enough and so they had to stop production.

The problem is this .... they have competition that are selling.  We have approached JLR to help them with their sales, but were told they were OK.

It's strange that the business is saying that they are having to halt production because they are not selling. But the sales teams say they are happy.  Especially when presented with the success of their competition. 

We all need training to remain fit and healthy. If you ran a marathon 20 years ago could you still class yourself as fit?  A lot has changed in the last 20 years, maybe JLR need to bring themselves up to the same level that the competition is?