My business partner and I had the opportunity to visit the Aston Martin museum in 2019, it was pretty inspirational.  For me, the Aston Martin marque has always been an aspirational object.  Beautiful and highly desirable.

Which is why I approached Aston Martin earlier this year about how our social selling program which enables companies to increase sales and reduce sales cycle.  But I was told you guys are OK?

I assumed that this meant that you guys had enough pipeline and are making enough sales.  Maybe this article is wrong and actually things are OK.

You are probably thinking that, any supplier says this and we all probably do but, the problem is BMW are already doing this.  

I'm aware of one dealer that sold 14 cars through Linkedin in November.  Let's assume that a BMW is an average of £50,000 ($65,000) , that's an additional £700,000 ($910,000) of revenue at zero marketing cost.

Realise that sounds too good to be true, more than happy to put you onto the BMW dealer Managing Director who will validate this.  I'm sure he would love presenting to your board how he does it.

Realise that Aston Martin is a different price point, but we all know that empowered buy is online.  If you guys are not creating and part of the discussion online, then you won't be selling to this empowered buyer.

I do hope that you get the funding and this story has a happy ending.  If it does work out, give us a call and maybe we can help so this doesn't happen again.