The biggest issue for Marketers with social media is the fact they just won't admit that social media is here to stay.

They won't admit that your prospects and customers are on it.

They won't admit that your staff are on it.

The big risk for marketers is that they are trying to control, something they cannot control.

Marketers MUST in 2020, shift their interrupt (advertising, email and cold calling) marketing onto social media and permission and relationship marketing.

They have to stop annoying their customers, annoying their prospects, annoying their potential employees, with all these interruptions that  nobody wants and just pisses people off.

They must understand "the elephant in the room" and empower their employees to be authentic, insightful and educational on social.  Not just the people in sales and marketing, but all staff.

I'm not talking pumping out corporate content through social media, that we all ignore through the other channels.  But be "real", be authentic, tell me something I don't know.

This is how you will win in 2020!

Note: Advertising is not social media ..... it's advertising.  Anybody that mixes the two don't really understand social media.  It's like buying a hoarding at a football match and saying you are a football manager.