My Business Partner, Adam Gray was talking about his daughter.  Like so many fathers he is very proud of his daughter, she is going to be an actress in musical theatre.

He loves the fact that she has chosen her profession and has this dream.  He was explaining to me that some people have looked down their noses at her and asked, why does she not become a lawyer, a dentist and accountant, a sales person, a marketer?

The thing is, the hardest thing to automate is human nature and that involves the arts.

While I can train a computer to know the complete works of Shakespeare, can they deliver it like Richard Burton or Laurence Olivier? 

Could we really get robots to sing, dance and act like the actors in Hamilton?  My partner and I recently went to the open air theatre in Regents Park and we saw, "Evita".  I was never a big fan of Evita, but it really came alive for me.  Could robots do that with so much passion?  With the facial expressions?

If we look at business today, actually as a business, the only thing you have as a business that is unique is your people.  I know you have a really sexy, whatever it is and you are really proud of it, but you are excited as it pays your mortgage.  We don't care and your prospects are not experts enough to understand the difference between you and your competitors.

But what we would love as buyers is not your corporate messages shoved down my throat but your lovely people to be activated to talk on social in an insightful and educational way.

You can bombard me with crappy corporate messages though your marketing automation, but I will just block you.  I have legislation and technology on my side.

(Have you seen the new iOS 13 functionally that blocks cold callers?)

You can automate, what you want and you will, but you cannot change the voice of the people, your people.

I will block everything you do with automation, but I will love listening to the voice of your people, talking in their own voice. 

Like Adam's daughter ... it's time to entertain your prospects and customers.