There is a lot of BS talked about in the world of influencer marketing. 

I think this is because if people, that is, consumers think it’s confusing they will hire a “guru” to help them.

Great news for Gurus!

Not great news for us.

So is Influencer marketing any good for you?

The problem many companies have is they are always talking to the same old accounts and prospects. At the previous company I worked at they would run big conferences as a way of attracting new clients but sales people would invite the people they were already talking to defeating the point of the event.

With Influencer marketing you use “people with influence” to put your message in front of new people.

Let’s not forget that nobody is interested in your corporate message, but they are interested in the Influencer.

First of course you have to find the right influencer for you. The influencers audience need to be the sort of people you want to get in front of.

One company that approached me, wanted to get in front of an IT audience, where as, I pointed out that my audience was business people.

How do get round the issue of people not interested in the product being sold, but buyers are interested in the influencer.

Why not undertake interviews with the influencer. 

Get influencers to create voxpop videos at events. Interview influencers at your event.

The key thing is that this is NOT about you dictating to the influencer what to do.  This is not about the influencer saying "buy this product it's great".  Nobody will believe the influencer.  It's advertising and nobody believes advertising.