Apart from ad agencies and people who sell Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram ads, nobody reads ads anymore!

It's a fact of life.

I have no idea where this notion of growing ad spend comes from or maybe it's a forecast.  As we know, forecasts can be 100% + or -.

We all know that "advertising is a tax paid by the unremarkable".

Our own behaviour on-line demonstrates this.  I'm currently in Seattle and was having a common conversation with people which was "we all ignore cold calls, we all ignore unsolicited emails, we all ignore adverts" ... but of course, our adverts, our unsolicited emails and our cold calls are supposed to be different.  They are not.

On the one hand we admit we filter this all out but on the other hand our stuff is great so we spend time trying to push it in front of people the same way that we admit we ignore from everybody else.

We ignore push messages and so does everybody else.  Can I be radical for a second?

Being as we are all wasting time pushing messages that we admit nobody reads?  Why don't we stop doing that and spending our energy on doing something that will sell and marketing our products and services?

It might just start a fashion!

And finally, let's not forget that advertising on social is not being social, it's advertising.  Just like advertising at a football game does not make you the manager of the team.  It makes you an advertiser.