Many companies we are talking about digital transformation. It’s cloud or it’s IOT, or it’s blockchain or it’s 3D printing or, or.... or it’s some level of technology.

If you turn to the “thought leaders” they still seem to be arguing about who leads Digital Transformation. Is it the CEO, CIO or CDO, there seems to be little consensus. Even the digital transformation suppliers that sell “digital transformation” still seem to work in an analogue world.

We were told about a company that sells digital transformation and they do this by using analogue sales techniques such as cold calling. Really? 

Surely if you “sell” digital transformation then you should be digitally transformed? Eating you own dog food I think it’s called.

One of the issues with digital transformation is system take up. That’s end users, using a system. Let’s not forget that if you take, say an accounting system and replace it with a cloud based accounting system. Nothing has changed. It’s only when you change, the people and the process that you get efficiency improvements, competitive advantage and revenue gains.

One of the great things about Social transformation, that is, the transformation of your internal and external processes to using social is that people already use social day in and day out, so there is no need for training them to use a new product.

The drivers are people and process. Internal social should get you people efficiency gains of 25%, while external social should give you incremental revenue increase of 30%. This will make a transformation, the competitive advantage as well having a project that in theory is self financing.