One of the things we pride ourselves on is the fact we transform businesses.

We have a formula where we take people through mindset change and habit change so they can meet the challenges of the digital economy.

We do this in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources, in fact right across the organisation.

In the coaching and mentoring we offer for sales we show salespeople how to "sell" over social.  Obviously, we do this in a way that meets with the psychology of the digital buyer.  One of the things we do is show the seller how to write their Linkedin profile so it appeals to this new buyer.

It's critical to the seller that they write their own profile as this takes them through a journey of mindset and habit change.  I was asked today why we don't use profile writers?  The answer to that is straight forward.

If a person does not understand the psychology of the digital buyer and you get a profile writer to write their Linkedin profile.  The output is somebody that does not understand the psychology of a the digital buyer, but you have written their Linkedin profile.  In other words, there is no change, no impact and no transformation. 

Digital Transformation is taking place and it isn't about moving to cloud or new shiny new objects.  It's about people working differently, just spoon feeding them does not provide change.  There has to be a change in the way people work.

Digital Transformation can also take the form of changes the way people work, not in some "big bang" but as an evolution, changing the way people work, step by step.  It can provide "quick wins", but the key is that the people are taken along in the journey.

PS: We start in sales as then the company can see a monetary return, that they can then re-invest across the business.  Changing and transforming each department, step by step.